Germline Derivation

Use this page to obtain an approximation of the germline corresponding to a given antibody sequence, for which you have a junction analysis in IMGT format. The V, (D) and J segments are reverted to germline with reference to the IMGT germline library, while intervening N and P segments are either retained, or gapped out.

Please specify the file (in .csv or tab-separated format) containing the junction analysis. You can create this file from an IMGT V-QUEST analysis by saving the third tab of the IMGT V-QUEST Excel file in .csv format. If you use IMGT High V-QUEST you can submit the Nt-sequences file (file 3) directly. You can download examples for the light chain and heavy chain (sp.: Homo sapiens). Please specify the file (in FASTA format) containing the V- and J- gene germlines. Identifiers should follow the IMGT format, including a species identifier. At a minimum, the library should lst all V- and J- germline alleles referenced in the junction analysis file. If you wish to use the IMGT germline library, you can download it here (for licensing reasons we cannot include this library file directly on this site).
V-gene only
All nucleotides
Derived germline sequences
Consensus of derived sequences
Input sequences
Mutations common to all sequences from the same germline